What is the best soccer shoe?

Soccer is a very popular sport, so many brands have taken the trouble to come out with their accessory lines. Speaking of soccer shoes or boots, here are the criteria for choosing one.

Cleated shoes

Soccer cleats are specialized sports shoes designed for soccer and other ball games. Leather can be used for their manufacture, but mainly various synthetic sports materials that have a certain strength and durability. Each brand has a different production technology and keeps its know-how. Today, their production is based on science and years of research with kangaroo skin, 3D printing or even chips are used.

By size of course

The right boot should sit on your foot so that you won't even feel it. You also need the right type of sole. It is determined by the surface on which it is played. You need something different for artificial grass and something else for natural grass.

By the price

Let's assume that you have a financial budget for soccer shoes that you don't want to exceed. You can pay at least 80 euros or more for high quality soccer shoes, because they are specific sports shoes. Better to invest in something of better quality that will last longer than something that will fall apart after one season.

By comfort

Comfort does not only mean the right size, but also the right type of shoe for the chosen surface. If, for example, we were to run on a hard surface with soccer shoes on a soft surface, they would certainly not last long. Therefore, these things should be clarified before buying. Some cleats are variable, so by changing the pins and press screws, you can get cleats for more surfaces.

Lastly, the quality of materials is like a direct proportion, and this will certainly be reflected in the lifespan of the soccer shoes.

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